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Which Reverse Mortgage Interest Rate Is The Best Choice For You?

This question cannot be answered simply because it depends on the other factors of your reverse mortgage. A fixed reverse mortgage interest rate is only available to people who choose a lump sum disbursement option. If you wish to access some other type of disbursement option, you would select one of the adjustable interest rates.

Reverse Mortgage

Interest Rate
  • Variety

    You have access to a variety of disbursement options.

  • Exceed Lump Sum Option

    It is possible to exceed the amount you would receive with the lump sum option.

  • Allows Growth

    The line of credit disbursement option has a growth feature that allows the line of credit to grow with the assumed appreciation of your house.

  • Change At Any Time

    You can change your disbursement option at any time, as long as you have not used all of the funds available to you.

  • Monthly Payout

    There is an option that allows you to get a monthly payout for as long as you live in the home.

  • Adjustable Interest Rate

    The adjustable interest rate allows for much more customization, but it is possible for the interest rate to increase significantly.

Reverse Mortgage

Interest Rate
  • Lower Than Ever

    Fixed reverse mortgage interest rates are lower than ever!

  • Comparable

    Rates are comparable to traditional mortgage, but are NOT based on credit.

  • Instant Access

    If you wish to receive all of your money in a lump sum, you will have access to the most money at the beginning of your loan.

  • Locked In Interest Rates

    The interest rate will NEVER change.

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